We aim to provide the best customer service based on the outstanding product information selected through business alliance with overseas advanced financial institutions.
In addition, as an offshore financial solution platform company, we support one-stop financial shopping for Korean financial consumers.

Overseas Trust

It is the most efficient global unit connection investment product to achieve the financial goals of Korean financial consumers. A secure dollar account that seeks both minimal volatility and stable profitability.It is relatively free of deposits and withdrawals, can pursue capital gains and exchange profits, and has a very wide use of account logs for target funds.

Overseas Insurance

It is designed and sold to financial nomads around the world and the global No.1 insurance company is responsible for direct fund management. Through this product, you can prepare your rich and happy old age life and prepare your children's education and marriage funds. It can also be used as a new way of inheritance and gift for those who wish to succeed their family through safe transfer of wealth.

Finance Tour

We support programs to experience various advanced financial services by directly visiting the world's best banks, trust companies, insurers, and IFA. With this, you can enjoy the ecstatic night view and all sorts of delicies in Asia and enjoy the special shopping pleasure given by the tax-free country.