• It is said that the excitement that encounters a strange world beyond the familiar terrain, climate, culture, and race presents us with a new world that we can meet and meet with ourselves. From now on, I would like to use PNF as a guide to take a look at the new world of global advanced finance that has created the difference between information power and experience for centuries.
    It is said that the balance of the two wings is essential for the flight of a bird. The moment investors neglect the balance between the two wings of 'stability' and 'profitability', investors are at great risk. Given Korea's stock market, which accounts for only 1.8% of the world's stock market, and Korea's GDP of less than 2%, Korea's general investors, who have a concentrated investment portfolio against only one country, are participating in a truly dangerous investment game.
    In addition, Korea, which has been experiencing double-digit high growth in the late 80s, has gradually lost growth engines and is currently in a state of stagnant 3% annual growth rate. This is a situation. On the other hand, like Myanmar and Vietnam, invest in the growth of 'emerging countries' where the economically active population is overflowing and foreign capital is constantly flowing in. Investing in the United States, the district's representative of the 2008 financial crisis and using the interest rate increase card, and the dollar, the key currency, is another good way to increase profitability. We hope that PNF's global investment consulting experience will help keep your assets safe and effective.

    Thank you.
    CEO Young-il Cho

2023 Our Vision

    • Number of Branch Offices


    • Number of Employees


    • Number of Clients


    • Asset Under Management

      1 trillion(KRW)


We work to protect and propagate our clients'
global assets and we always strive to keep our core values.

  • Value 1


    We have the ability and willingness to continue to fulfill our commitments with our clients. Based on our high understanding of wealth, we are helping to continuously multiply the wealth of clients' assets.

  • Value 2

    Financial Enlightenment

    We believe that “knowing” something is not enough, we need to understand new things and inform financial consumers. Based on the attitude of always learning, we are trying to understand more and share it with our clients.

  • Value 3


    We act as a pioneer in providing global financial and asset management platform services. We have a mission to provide various global financial solutions beyond traditional Korean financial services.

We create a new paradigm for overseas financial platform services.


    • Platform Business

      We are a platform business company that provides

      global financial solutions to Korean financial consumers.

    • Product Information

      We provide product information with the best competitiveness

      through business partnerships with leading overseas banks,

      securities companies, trust companies, and insurance companies.

    • One-stop Shopping

      We support one-stop shopping for our clients' global luxury

      financial brands.

  • Partnership

    Through years of rich overseas financial platform business experience,
    convergence with global luxury brands, and diversified communication with clients,
    we realize partnerships that realize client satisfaction and increase client asset value.

  • Platform Service

    Based on a professional business process,
    we provide the optimal platform to increase the stability and efficiency
    of financial products one-stop shopping and improve client convenience.

  • Manpower

    Based on expertise and experience in financial consulting,
    global financial marketer experts with differentiated competitiveness can provide
    customized overseas financial solutions to each client.


We provide competitive financial products from the United States,
the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, which are ranked first, second and third in the Global Financial Center Index (GFCI),
and provide regular reports to clients periodically.



      6F, 30, Yeongdong-daero 85-gil,
      Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Korea
      Head Office : +822.565.1905
      CS center : 1644-4481


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